Kevin has always shown interest for all animals, and 3 years, kept under his bed, a toad, feeding her crackers. But our hero has grown,and he is to communicate with a far more formidable animals – lions.

When Richardson grew up, he broke all the barriers between human safety and wildlife!

He despises the traditional ways of taming wild animals. He believes that there is a better approach to them, rather than lash out with sticks and chains. This man, to tame lions, wolves or other wild animals, uses love, understanding and trust.

Kevin used his unique relationship with these large predators to create documentaries and commercials. He worked at Lyon Park in Johannesburg, South Africa. Documentarian Michael Rosenberg saw Kevin’s unusual ability to communicate with animals and decided to capture them in the film.

Kevin has participated in various research projects in the Okavango Delta and Lydenberg and the result is a very interesting documentary about a black leopard, entitled “In Search of Legends.”

Jobs and shooting, in which Kevin has participated over the years has grown to become popular and as a result he now operates in more large-scale project called “The Kingdom of the white lions.”

Here he is working on a dramatic feature film called “White Lion”, the project has been in four years, and was released in 2010. The film is about a young white lion.