Adele Enersen (Adele Enersen) – copywriter from Helsinki (Finland) and a young mother. The thirst for creativity does not give her a rest, when her lovely young daughter sleeps. Adele tries to guess what a little Mila is dreaming and using improvised things embodied dreams into reality.

It takes a little time to create an atmosphere of sleep with things that are in each house – clothes, towels, umbrellas, toys, etc. With the help of her mother Mila is riding on an elephant, goes into space, mastering the role of various fairy tale characters, flies on a magic carpet, and more. All photographs are showing a lot of love and tenderness.
This is a small selection of photographs from the series “When the baby sleeps.” Adele Enersen recently published a new illustrated book , where you can see pictures of her popular blog «Mila’s Daydreams».
This is the first picture of Adele Enersens newborn daughter , made in their home in Finland. (Adele Enersen)

33-year-old Adele Enersen working as concept designer in advertising. She uses quilts, fabric and other things in the house to create original photo of her sleeping daughter. (Adele Enersen)

“Once she fell asleep in a funny position and looked like little fencer. My husband – composer, he has invested in its handle baton of conductor, and we made an interesting picture. ” (Adele Enersen)

In this photo Mila is a little astronaut,they needed a paper plate (helmet) and star of the foil. A wire – from your computer. (Adele Enersen)

From the book by Adele: “When my child dreams as she flies, she rises to the beads for a birthday …» (Adele Enersen)

“… And then very gently lands. »(Adele Enersen)

In a few photographs from the book there is a lot of pink color, including this shot, which is lovely, “walking in the park of cotton candy.” (Adele Enersen)

For this picture with an elephant Enersen used one of her old jackets. “I used lots of blankets and pillows, for some reason I like the pillows. I also use a lot of scarves, … And a lot of diapers! »(Adele Enersen)

In her dreams, baby Mila likes to catch a wave in the morning. (Adele Enersen)

Adele Enersen and her daughter, Mila. Adele wondering what time her daughter would relate to these pictures. “No, I understand that a teenager she would hate me, but I hope that after all she will enjoy in these pictures, because it is something unusual.” (Adele Enersen)

And here is the cover of the book. (Adele Enersen)