Comic book publisher DC Comics, which publishes among other adventures of Batman and Superman, has announced that one of its superheroes soon “get out of the closet” and announce to the world that he is gay.

Will Batman and Robin to disclose their relationship? Or will Clark Kent, aka Superman, confess their love Perry White, editor of “Daily Planet”? Or, in turn, comes to the lesbian couple and Ketvuman Pojzen Ivy?

The answer to this question will soon follow and put an end to numerous speculations that could be heard for years about the sexual orientation of some comic hero.

As it says “Daily Mail”, DC Comics has long argued that it intends to change the sexual orientation of the existing super hero, but it would introduce an entirely new gay character.

Today, however, the label is ready to one of his famous hero, who was previously assumed that the “gay” itself as a homosexual.

One of the representatives of DC Comics has recently stated that it is a character who is “destined to become one of the most prominent gay comic book hero” and the second contrasted the radical departure from the company recently set out Barack Obama’s stance on gay marriage.