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Green living should become the motto of the present and the future generations. It has become essential for all of us to educate our children about eco-friendly methods so that they learn to respect the environment they are born into. The love and respect for nature has to be inculcated right from childhood. Children of today are adults of tomorrow; hence values instilled today will reap rich dividends in the future. The children who are brought up in a surrounding that is healthy and green would definitely get used to this kind of living. Therefore, when they grow up as citizens they will ensure that they do not do anything that would jeopardize the health of the planet.

There is a need today to develop new technologies which would facilitate green living. New researches are being done to find out new forms of green energy. The oil and coal reserves of our planet are fast depleting owing to massive industrialization. If the rate of consumption remains the same, then soon coal and oil reserves would get exhausted. Therefore, measures are being taken to conserve the remaining resources and find alternative methods of generating energy. Solar energy and tidal energy are some potential sources of energy available. They need to be exploited and expanded in a right way to get maximum output and benefit. The solar energy and tidal energy are renewable sources of energy and are eco-friendly too. As a part of green living, people should be encouraged to use solar power for house lighting. These days, technology is also developed to run vehicles on solar power. Though, this is still in the gestation period, it would be a great alternative to gas and petrol used for running the vehicles.

Awareness programs should be conducted by various ecological departments. People should be educated on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They should be taught to make use of the natural resources reasonably. The effects of irrational use of the natural resources should be explained to the people in detail. People in general have a tendency to misuse and waste fresh water. This has led to scarcity of water. Steps should be taken to curtail this wastage and make people more responsible. Similarly, people also tend to waste electricity by switching on lights unnecessarily. If one extra bulb is lit in every household, then imagine the amount power consumption. This is a national waste and should be avoided.