Chinese village Yushan is located at an altitude of 400 meters above the ground and you get to it only by one way – by means of two cables that lie between two vertices rocks.On these ropes is anchored steel cab, which is used to transport people and goods from the village and to the village.

Pair of thick rope strung between two high rocks, and steel cage – that’s a whole set of simple devices for transportation of people and goods.

In Yushan lives just over 200 people. Before the creation of the cable car, built in 1997, they had to spend a few days to get to the nearest village.

Photos are breathtaking, not everyone could ride on this truck. No insurance and high technology.

All these years, repairs and technical support of the cable has been doing only one person – Zhang Qiang. He monitors the status of the cable car and engine and lubricates the ropes.

Zhang says: “I started working here as soon as the road was built. Nobody wanted to go here. My father was the elder, and he had to find someone for this dangerous work. In the end, after unsuccessful attempts to persuade someone, he appointed me to this position. ”