The good old days are likely a thing of the past forever. Our modern world gradually shrinks to the size of a mobile phone. We use a mobile phone to browse the newspaper, pay for groceries, watch movies, chat with friends, take pictures, play games and, of course, listen to music.

The days when you come home at night, lit a candle and opened a bottle of wine and put on your favorite player a black vinyl record to rest and relax, have already become history. But the memory is still alive.

GZ Digital Media Factory is located in a small town called Lodenitse about 16 miles west of Prague. The factory was built in 1948 as a company Gramofonove Lodenice, with a view to production of records for all countries of the Eastern bloc. The first disc was recorded in 1951.

In 1989, after the fall of the communist regime, the company was privatized and handed over to the American Foundation Winslow Partners, which sold the factory to its management.

Technological advances have led to restructure production to CD and DVD-discs, so the compression machines for the production of vinyl records have been thrown to the factory backyard. Fortunately, during the mass demand for CDs plant employees have kept a dozen presses a sample of the 1960s and did not allow them to turn into a pile of scrap metal. Later, in the late ’90s, when the demand for vinyl records suddenly revived thanks to the DJs and music lovers, it has paid off with a vengeance.

The production of records in Lodenitse resumed. Last year the company produced 7 million vinyl records, this year the company plans to produce more than 10 million by exporting them all over the world. On these plates will be recorded major hits like Lady Gaga, INXS, U2, and the legends – a set of Beatles albums, approved by Paul McCartney albums by Michael Jackson, the Rolling Stones and other prominent performers 20 – century.

The company produces a record for the largest music giants – Universal Music Group, Sony Music and will soon begin to work with Warner Music. Production of vinyl records is about 30% of total sales GZ Media, reaching a turnover of 1.8 billion euros ($ 93 million) last year. The company also produces sophisticated packaging for expensive consumer goods such as mobile phones, electronics and whiskey.

In general, digital photography did not replace the analog black-and-white photos, and CD, DVD or MP3 failed to completely replace the vinyl record.

As an example, the data research company Charts: selling vinyl records in the UK – one of the major markets GZ Media – reached 375,000 units in 2013, for the whole of last year it sold 393 thousand records, in 2009 – 227 thousand.