The beginning of the XX century was rich in various inventions. However, most ridiculous are the things for everyday use. Hat, radio, family bike with a sewing machine, a mouthpiece for smoking in the rain – why did they think we will ever need that?

“Life Jacket” from bicycle tires (Germany, 1925)

single-wheel motorcycle with a maximum speed of 150 km / h (Italy, 1931)

amphibious bicycle, you can ride it on land and on water, the maximum “load” on the water 120 kg (France, 1932)

Car-tumbler, can ride on slopes up to 65 degrees (1931)

Hat Radio (USA, 1931)

Adjustable tilt (France, 1934)

for piano bedridden (UK, 1935)

Another interesting device, reading glasses lying ( England, 1936)

A car with a shovel for pedestrians, to reduce the number of victims (Paris, 1924)

Analog GPS-navigator model 1932, with scrolling map, scroll speed depends on the speed of the car.

Folding bridge for emergencies, is transported on a trolley (the Netherlands, 1926 )

Protective mask in case of snowstorms (Canada, 1939)

Device for drying hair

buggy in case of gas attack (England, 1938)

Fotorevolver, snaping by pressing the trigger (U.S., 1938)

mouthpiece for smoking in the rain (1931)

Double mouthpiece for particularly heavy smokers (1932)

Ice compress against a hangover, coined in 1947 by an employee Max Factor for Hollywood actresses.

Newspaper Fax (1938)

Family bike with a sewing machine (USA, 1939)

A device for teaching a child to walk (Switzerland, 1939)