All mentioned locations are usually located in large cities, at least, not on the outskirts. All this is created by human hands, we are not talking about natural beauty. Some places – scary, others – just unusual.

The catacombs under Paris
Overflow medieval cemeteries in Paris in the late 18th century led to the fact that the government ordered a mass burial. Within 18 months, starting in 1785 the old cemetery was excavated and the remains of 6 million people were transported in long tunnels under Paris (we are talking about the catacombs). Now the catacombs are known as “The Empire of Death” because there is really a huge amount of human remains.

Funeral team clearly wanted to distract from work, so the underground is the place where the remains are laid out in a certain order, with patterns and ornaments of human bones.

Radon mine in the U.S.
Previously, the mine in Montana, USA, was used for the extraction of silver and lead. In 1949, scientists found excess radiation background, and the mine was closed. But soon the mine visited the woman wishing to invest in its funds. While visiting Neringa at the bottom, she was surprised to notice that the malaise, tormented her for several weeks now, disappeared. After telling about it to friends and acquaintances, woman could not even imagine that it will soon be pulled into the pit meek​​. It is believed that a short stay in the mine, with a high concentration of radon (low-level radioactive noble gas), can actually cure some ailments like migraine headaches or colds.

Salt Mine Wieliczka, Poland
Salt mines are numerous in the world and some of them are used as a sanatorium for people with lung diseases. Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland is different from many others. First of all, the scale of interior decoration. Here is the church and recreation hall, and much more. Tourists are visiting the mine since the 14th century.

The underwater restaurant Ithaa
This restaurant is located completely under water. At the moment it was first (not only) underwater restaurant in the world. 5 acrylic arches create a safe haven. Located all on one of the Maldives. Interestingly, the entire underwater structure weighs about 175 tons, which is not too small. Project cost – $ 5 million.

The cave glowing hearts
Actually, nothing wrong or bad in this cave, located in New Zealand, no. Strange creatures, which scientists refer to worms, glow in the dark, lighting up the cave. All this attracts visitors who want to witness these wonders. The cave has been known among the Maori, but in 1911 it was opened for visits to all comers.