Banner, flag, pennant – since the days of tribal wars, they have played an important role showing the intentions and ambitions. Flag – is not just a logo, but the real ideology. Of course, in the last century, the primary function of the flag has lost its relevance a bit, but among similar and boring flags there are really interesting ones.

We collected the most unusual flags and stories about them.


The only national flag in the world, which has drawn weapon – both military and agricultural. Hack, crossed by a Kalashnikov – the state symbols of the African country, which immediately gives an idea about the situation inside. The Civil War did not stop there for decades, and conflict continues to this day.


Ancient Sicily flag was first adopted in 1282 after the events of the Sicilian Vespers in Palermo. In the center of the fla is Triskelion (image of three legs emerging from a common center), head of the Gorgon Medusa and three snakes or three ears of wheat are also emerging from the center of the image. The three legs represent the three extreme points of the island of Sicily. Trinacria, Triskelion another name (from the Greek word trinacrios, meaning triangle) is also the first name of the island, given in ancient times by the Greeks , it has a triangular shape. The colors of the flag represent the city of Palermo and Corleone, who founded a confederation against the rules of the house of Anjou Sicily.


Despite the fact that Hawaii has never been part of the British Empire, the archipelago still has a flag with a clear colonial tinge. It happened on pure coincidence – even at a time when Hawaii manage local monarch Kamameha. He was so fascinated by the beauty of the “Union Jack,” he decided to accept the variation on the theme as the official flag of their island.

Isle of Man

Another triskelion on the world map, one of the oldest flags of the world, latest update – the second half of the XIII century, but only officially adopted August 27, 1971.


Flag of Cambodia during the Japanese occupation of 1942-1945 years. Flag has obvious militaristic and political overtones.


Revolutionary motif is reflected in the flag of Zaire – the country in which the struggle for freedom did not stop the entire twentieth century.


The only national flag that is not a classical quadrangle.


While Antarctica is no state, the flag is still there, and it makes clear that it is neutral territory.