Minnesota – the last place you would think of surfing, but a group of surfers did it on Lake Superior in the freezing winter, when the waves are biggest.

Lake, where there are relatively large winter waves, is a 3-hour drive from the state’s largest city – Minneapolis.

Sometimes surfers have to wait for weeks the day with suitable weather conditions for skiing – especially the specific type of wind, the wave, which is often accompanied by a blizzard.

Also, the weather often changes at the last moment.

During the winter season, there are usually about ten surfable days each month. On the best days, there can be as many as 30 people in the water.

Best ride is from January to March. However, it is easy to guess that this period – the coldest. Beach is sometimes completely frozen and surfers have to maneuver around chunks of ice the size of a small car.

The surfing can be pretty solid. Waves often reach 10-12 feet in height and they do get the occasional 30-footer.