Zaanse Schans, – all the charm of a provincial Dutch life XVI-XVIII centuries, in one place. Zaanse-Schans – a small village, an open air museum in the municipality Zanstad in the Netherlands, not far from its center, the city of Zaandam. In the museum are samples of Dutch wooden architecture of XVII-XVIII centuries, including windmills.

Some houses are museums, shops, most of them inhabited. Building, about 30 houses were brought from all over the country in the late 60’s of the XX century. Mills – often very characteristic part of the Dutch landscape. Mills operating commercial role, you may encounter an excursion to Zaanse Schans, a typical Dutch village. production activities borough determined mainly wind and the presence of the XVII century mills were modern factories. Many now active. creamery mill “De Oyfar” was built in 1622. Mill “De Heisman” from 1780 grinds mustard meal, which is known throughout the world under the brand name “Zaanse.” After 50 years, built a mill “De Zucker,” and Mill “Cat” for grinding paint was built in 1781, most is a young mill “De Gekronde Pulenberg”, which since 1869 is sawing wood. Memories of a glorious past are still alive in this picturesque town, known for its special houses. in the village so there is a traditional Dutch farm where cheese is still made ​​according to old recipes