Here is a bridge crossing that could cost you your life. Stretched string, dilapidated material … slightest uncertainty and loss of balance can make your heart stop.

Ghasa, Nepal.
Looking at the photo of this huge rope bridge, fear has won consciousness. Believe it or not, but every day the bridge is safely used by hundreds of local people.

Root Bridge, India.
This 100-year-old 53-foot bridge is made ​​of living roots of trees – you’re ready to trust him with your life? The bridge was constructed over 20 years ago, the roots were placed so that they are tightly intertwined.

Rope bridge, Peru.
Very flimsy bridge, bound for greater reliability, but the reliability is not very impressive.

Suspension Bridge Capilano , Canada.
This bridge was built in 1889. It is located at an altitude of 230 feet above the Capilano River and has a length of 450 feet.

Kotmale Oya, Sri Lanka.
This Sri Lankan bridge offers tourists an awkward pass over the rapid river Kotmeyl Oya. Be careful when passing the bridge.

Lake Thrift, Switzerland.
This amazing bridge is located at an altitude of 300 feet and a length of about 550 feet. It is the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the Alps.

Sarawak, Borneo.
Have you ever imagined yourself walking along the bamboo cane? While rope is quite questionable, bamboo bridge is more reliable, but being on it – you have no room for error. Simultaneously, on the bridge can be not more than 2 persons.

Valley Lantang, Nepal.
The bridge in the Himalayas looks pretty robust, but one strong gust of wind, and you fly into the abyss.

River Crossing Broldu, Pakistan.
This bridge was originally made of woven vines, which are then replaced with cable bars.

River Hunza, Pakistan.
The bridge, which crosses the River Hunza is probably one of the most terrifying in the world.