Lulin, who works as a waitress in Jiuyang, China, told that for over three years, customers repeatedly mistook her for someone else — a mysterious woman named Yanfei. So, Lulin set out to find her.

Lulin decided then to search for her mysterious doppelgänger. She soon became pregnant, however, and was forced to stall her search for three years so that she could take care of her son.

In October, Lulin was once again mistaken for Yanfei while at work, but this time she seized the opportunity to question the customer about Yanfei’s whereabouts.Armed with an address, Lulin set out to find the woman she supposedly resembled.

Yanfei and Lulin were both given up for adoption under China’s One Child policy.They both got married in 2007, both their husbands have the same name, Bin, and their sons also look almost identical. They also share similar personalities, hobbies, and enjoy similar kinds of food.They even have the same scar on their fingers after having similar accidents at the age of six.

Yanfei and Lulin have since become as close as sisters.