When your parents are the world’s tallest married couple, there’s a strong chance you too are going to stand out from the crowd. And Keisha and Wilco Van Kleef-Bolton’s latest arrival is no exception.

Weighing in at 4.2 kg, baby Jonah already seems to be following in his father’s giant size 15 footsteps. Jonah measured an impressive 56cm when he was born, only 2 per cent of newborns are this length or longer.

Lucas, a 4-year-old who’s tall enough to pass for 7, and Eva, 2, who’s as tall as a girl a year older.

When Keisha was pregnant, there were no women’s clothes big enough for her, so she wore men’s clothing.When the couple married in 2001, they raised the doorframes in their home in Dagenham, Essex to stop them clipping their heads.

The couple still have a bedroom that is only big enough for a standard double bed, forcing them to sleep with their feet hanging out.

Wilco buys his clothes from specialist websites that normally supply size 15 shoes to American basketball players.And Keisha struggles to find outlets which supply clothes which cater for her 38in legs – despite being a size 12.

Keisha and Wilco, from Dagenham, Essex, currently hold a Guinness World Record for being the world’s tallest couple.