Home riddle over which beat the best human minds: what is the secret of longevity! The Japanese island of Okinawa – a prime example of that in 100 years, life has just begun! Here, once home to 457 centenarians who had already noted its centenary. The average life expectancy of islanders – 86 years.

The island of Okinawa – the healthiest place in the world where people live a happy and prosperous life! Okinawans lead an active life, despite their advanced age. 96-year-old martial arts master Seikichi Uehara won more than 30 champions in boxing, 105-year-old Nabi Kinjo still hunts poisonous snakes, and the local 90-year-old farmer is carried out in the field for 11 hours a day.

The secret to longevity is simple and complicated at the same time: the key to success – healthy food and a carefree attitude to life! Work Japanese island of Okinawa residents perceive as pleasure, they never get angry at the start of work. Diet of local residents deserves special attention. Centenarians consume almost no meat, but happy to eat rice, fish and vegetables. Their signature dish – especially cooked pork ear – contains plenty of calcium and a minimal amount of fat. Of the vegetables they prefer tofu, bitter gourd and sweet potato.

Among residents of Okinawa is famous aphorism that reflects their philosophy of life: “At 70 you’re still a child at 80 – a young man or woman. And if someone with a 90 gets an invitation from heaven – tell him: “Just go away and come back when I’m 100. ‘”

Unfortunately, modern life gradually brings about changes in the measured life of the islanders. Young people are more inclined to “junk” food that is popular in the West, a fast food replaces the vegetables. In recent years,there are more and more recorded cases of obesity and lung cancer among local residents. The reason for that – ignoring the rules of a healthy lifestyle that are so well-known by local old-timers!