50 spacious acres in Brimhame, (North Yorkshire, England) is home to a group of curious rock formations that were formed thousands of years ago. The most impressive formation known as Rock Idol – 200 ton monolith, balancing on a tiny stone pyramid.

It seems that the 15-foot cliff about to crumble. 200-ton piece rock defies the laws of physics and scares tourists visiting its unnatural resistance.

Idol Rock and its companion Brimham Rocks, which include The Sphinx, The Watchdog, The Camel, The Turtle, and The Dancing Bear, can be viewed at the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The UK’s National Trust oversees the area and admittance is free.

In the Victorian era, most people thought that these strange rocks, and the whole place was created by the Druids, but in the XX century, realized that all of this is the result of 18,000 years of erosion.