Snow-white beauty Rosie of the Irish pub “Swan with Two Neck” from the village of Pendleton in Lancashire has recently turned 25 years old, equivalent to the human age is equal to about 112 years! Irish pub “Swan with Two Neck” has been opened in 1980 and his mistress, Christine Dilworth believes that the extraordinary longevity of Rosie the cat (and the cats live on average only 15 years old) contributed to the local beer. We must assume that it works good advertising campaign for beer establishments.

Despite his advanced age, Rosie is still strong body, she does not like to lie on a soft pillow, and climbs the pub and can easily jump on the bar. , it is very small and graceful cat.She loves when a lot of people around her and I think that is happy to be here.

Of all the diseases at once fell off Rosi only real attack. A couple of years ago she was diagnosed with cancer of the ear and the vet had to amputate the ear piece. Rosie can say lightly. Christine believes that the disease has evolved from the fact that Rosie is often on the bench in the sun. Since then, the mistress rubs on a regular basis in the cat’s ears a good sunscreen.

For local residents Rosie is a real celebrity. Few visitors can resist the pub and do not pet a cat or scratch her ​​behind the ear. Therefore, the real Rosie spoiled girl, accustomed to the weasel. By the way, is the oldest cat in the world died at the age of 38 years already, in 2005. So, Rosie still has every chance to beat her record of longevity.