A compilation of the most unusual coins all around the world.
In the XX century, after numismatics has become one of the most popular hobbies in the world, central banks around the world began to produce memorable and commemorative coins.
For several decades in the world there were many-colored coins, coins with inserts of different metals and even amber, with a picture of celebrities and even the characters of books.
Most of these coins, of course, are memorable, anniversary and simple collectible, but some of them are really in a wide circulation among the population.
Mongolia, 2011, 500 MNT

Côte d’Ivoire, 2010, 1,000 francs

Palau, 2008

Niue, 2008, $ 1

Liberia, 2005, $ 10

Benin, 2011, 100 francs

Cameroon, 2011, 1,000 francs

Liberia, 2001, $ 10

Portugal, 2006, € 8

Poland, PLN 10

Sweden, 2011, a coin with a piece of meteorite

Portugal, 2010, one and a half euro

Poland, the coins of different years

Tuvalu, 2009, the anniversary of Barbie doll

Uganda, 2001, the illusion-coin

Zambia, in 2003, the Calendar-coin

Tuvalu, a series of “Transformers”

Zambia, 2001, the illusion-coin

Benin, 2011, 100 francs

Belarus, coins with tales

Belarus, coins with tales

Canada, 2011

Canada, 2010, $ 15 to the year of Tiger

Australia, 2009, 50 cents

Cook Islands, 2010, a coin with a piece of meteorite

Netherlands, 5 euro

Netherlands, 5 euros, issued to the anniversary of WWF


India rupee

Congo, 2004, a coin with a concave pattern

Fiji Islands, 2010, double coin

Liberia, a coin with folding sundial

Mariana Islands, $ 5

Liberia, $ 10