Today we suggest you a small overview of the worst, according to critics and moviegoers, mask of horror movies in different times.

(The Purge). The film of 2013. Gigantic machete and a mask with empty eye sockets – the main feature.

(Scream). The film of 1996. Inspired by the painting by Munch mask in that year was in almost every store on Halloween.

(The Texas Chainsaw Massacre). The film of 1974. One of the most terrifying serial killer masks, made from the skin of the victims. It is noteworthy that the prototype of Ed Gein in real life, it is a mask made of leather.

(Smiley). The film of 2012. A clear demonstration of how familiar all positive smile can turn into something terrible.

(Haloween). The film of 1978. Mike Myers mask was created on the model of the human face, but without emotion. It is noteworthy that the mask was actually created on the basis of cheap mask of Captain Kirk of “Star Trek”, but bleached and they cut holes for the eyes.

(Friday the 13th). The film of 1980. Someone like Jason’s mask mask of the goalie in hockey, but watch the movie and you’ll understand why the mask came to the list.

(Silence of the Lambs). The film of 1991. The restraining mask of Hannibal Lecter was both simple and realistic, but no less creepy.

(Saw). The film of 2004. A pig’s head by itself is not terrible. That’s why makeup artists added falling hair and pus.

(Alice, Sweet Alice). The film of 1976. The emphasis on the empty sockets and spooky makeup.

(Batman Begins). The film of 2005. Blue-eyed Cillian Murphy’s Scarecrow in the original does not seem scary. Thanks to Christopher Nolan, everything changed.

(House of Wax). The film of 2005. Vincent mask looks very realistic. Sure, those who were at wax exhibitions must be worse :)

(Donnie Darko). The film of 2001. Rabbits are not always cute and funny. The hero Jake mutates into a giant rabbit.

(The Orphanage). The film of 2007. The same costumes often look at children more creepy than to the adults. With the masks is the same case.