A strange legend surrounds the railway crossing in the south of San Antonio, Texas. It is said that there was an accident that killed several students, who are now ghosts in the area and from time to time, they push the standing cars , although the road goes up. Daughter of Andy and Debi Chesney with a few friends recently went on the move to check the legend. The girl took a few shots – on one of them you can see the transparent figure.

“Lady Brown” Captain Provanda: the portrait “Brown Lady” is actually the most famous ghost picture of all time. It is believed that the ghost is Lady Dorothy Taunshed, wife of Charles Taunshed. The couple lived in Reynhem Hall in Norfolk, England in the early 18th century. It was rumored that before marriage Dorothy was the mistress of Lord Wharton. Charles suspected Dorothy of infidelity. Although, in accordance with the documents she died and was buried in 1726, people suspected that and that Charles had locked his wife in the farthest corner of the house until her death, which occurred many years later.

Lord Kombermere. Photo Sibella Corbett:in the picture you can see the blurred figure of a man sitting in a chair. It is believed that this is the ghost of Lord Kombermere, commander of the British cavalry, early 19th century, who died in 1891 as a result of hitting a horse cart.

Behind one of the pilots you can clearly see the face of another person. It is believed that the person is Freddie Jackson, aircraft mechanic, who was killed in an accident , two days before the shooting. His funeral took place in the day when the picture was taken. Jackson’s colleagues decided that Jackson did not realized that he had died,and that he decided to participate in the group photo.

The priest, Ralph Hardy, a retiree from White Rock, British Columbia, took this famous picture in 1966. He intended only to remove an elegant spiral staircase in the Queen’s House section – part of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. However, after the developer in the picture was a figure that goes up keeping both hands on the railing. Experts (including those from Kodak), who investigated the original negative concluded that it was not a manipulation.

While visiting the grave of his mother in 1959, Mabel Chinner shot her husband, waiting for her in the car. After developing the film, both husband and wife were surprised to find a shape in the back seat, which was Mabels mother.

Terry Ike Clanton took pictures of his friend in a cemetery Buthill. Photo was taken in black and white film, as one would like pictures in the style of the Wild West. Clanton took the film for developing in a “Srifti” dragstor and was very surprised when he received the shots. In the upper right corner there is a picture of a man in a dark hat. Judging by the growth of a human leg or not, or he is on his knees … or rises from the ground.

November 19, 1995 City Hall Vema (Shropshire, England), burned to the ground. Set of onlookers gathered to see the fire of this ancient building, built in 1905. Tony O’Rahilli fire shot from the other side of the street. In one of the photos is visible translucent figure of a girl standing in the doorway. Neither O’Rahilli or other observers or firefighters do not remember the girl in the fire. Based on historical documents in 1677 a fire destroyed many wooden houses in the city. According to legend, the little girl by the name of Charm accidentally set fire to the roof. Many believe that her ghost lives in the area.

The picture was taken during the investigation of the cemetery Bachelor Grove, near Chicago, the Society of Research of Ghosts (IPR). August 10, 1991, several members of the IPR were in a small abandoned cemetery on the outskirts of the forest reserve in the suburb of Midlothian, Illinois. The cemetery has a reputation as one of the most mysterious of cemeteries in the U.S.. There are reports of more than 100 different cases of strange phenomena that have occurred here: the disappearance, strange sounds and visions, and even glowing balls of light. After developing one of the photos made the IPR, it is possible to see a lone woman sitting on a plate. Parts of her body are translucent, and her clothes and style is clearly outdated.

James Courtney and Michael Meehan, crew members were cleaning Votertauna cargo hold of an oil tanker en route from New York to the Panama Canal in December 1924. As a result they were poisoned by gas and died. In the tradition of the sea, they were buried at sea. The next day one of the crew members saw their faces in the waves on the right side. They appeared in the water for 10 seconds, and then melted. In the following days other crew members have often seen people who died in the waves. Upon arrival in New Orleans, the ship’s captain Keith Tracy reported on the strange events of his employer, who advised him to capture people on film. Captain Tracy purchased a camera and went out into the sea. The captain made six pictures and then put the camera in the ship’s safe. When the film is shown in New York, five shots, there was nothing but water, and at last it was possible to clearly see the faces of the dead sailors. The negative was investigated for fake Burns detective agency. After the change of crew faces no longer appear.

This photograph was taken in 1963, a priest KF Lord Newby at the church in North Yorkshire, England. This picture has caused a storm of controversy because it is very clear. Face and gaze direction give rise to speak about the attachment frame. But, they say that this picture has been studied in detail by experts who came to the conclusion that it is not two frames superimposed one on one, namely a picture.

A woman named Andrews visited the grave of her daughter Joyce, who died at age 17. Andrews saw nothing unusual when doing a snapshot of gravestone.Andrews was stunned by the image of a young child sitting next to the grave.Andrews saw a child ghost as he looks directly into the lens.

In 1982, photographer Chris Brackley took a snapshot of the interior of the church of St. Botolfa London, but did not expect what he saw on film. In the upper right corner you can see the figure of a woman. According to Brackley in the church were only three people and not one of them was in the place where the figure is visible.

According to the author of a book about ghosts in this shot taken in the church was another photographer, but neither he nor the person who did this shot not seen a ghost or a person. As a figure dressed in black is assumed to be a priest.

Denise Russell took this picture of his grandmother in 1997 and was shocked when he saw the image of his dead grandfather behind his grandmother.

This picture was taken in 1986. The waves are very high. But the coincidence is the fact that they took the form of resting men?

This photo was taken in 1916. What is this phenomenon?

While shooting photos TV was turned off!

News. Picture taken 11. September CNN service

Someone passes the road

A lot of people looking at this picture on a black background, crazy

Family photographs of the child. Parents rushed to the historians, who said that in that place in the 17th century was a cemetery.

Photos of road accidents … there is really a mystical spirit of fire?

After viewing the photo on the site of its capture was found long ago decayed corpse of this mystical guy

They should have seen taking pictures with anyone …

In the property has been committed murder and mysterious killer was never found. Looks like someone can not find peace in this mysterious hotel!