Cat breed Maine Coon occupies a special place among his relatives, as it is one of the largest. Progenitor of these pets had cat named Captain Jenks-of-Sea-Horse, who lived on the farm, located in the Northeast of America.

Originally the breed Maine Coon absented only those individuals who have had color “black tabby.” The long tail and powerful physique reminiscent of a raccoon,and for this reason the breed was named the Maine Coon.

The sizes of these amazing pets – their weight is fifteen pounds, and length (from head to tailbone) reaches 120 cm More recently, a representative of this large breed cat named Stu from Nevada got into the Guinness World Records – the length of its body is 123 cm.

In addition to large size, this breed is distinguished from others by the fact that Maine coons on the ears have special brushes to resemble lynx.

Along with the Maine coon breed to most biggest cats include Usher (Ashera), bred in America and England. Asher breed was bred by crossing the African serval, an Asian leopard cat and the domestic cat. The length of these magnificent animals is up to a meter, and weight – 15 pounds. It should be noted that not every pet lover can afford to keep Asher as the cost of the kittens reach 15-22 thousand dollars. Despite the fact that the cost of home-leopard is great, buying a pet is not easy – in the year there are only about a hundred individuals,for each is compulsory sterilization.