Anyone who has ever fed a child, knows how important it is to make the food attractive and fun, especially if it’s something useful but boring like vegetables or cereal … And the appearance of your food makes a large part of the overall experience of its use .But if you manage to turn a bowl of noodles in a Chewbacca, and sandwiches – in Angry Birds, hardly anyone can resist. Here are some photos of really clever art of eating.

These are really really hot “dogs.”

Noodles Chewbacca.

Mummy hot dogs.

Rice “sleeping bear”.

Egg yin-yang.

All you need – this is love …

Hairy sausages.

“Hot” chicken wings.

Vegetable face.

Nest pasta.

Sausage flower.



Sandwiches Angry Birds.

Curry Onsen.

Octopuses of sausages