Everyone should know that insurance life cover parts of our bodyin the event of an accident stay unfit for work. Thus, finger, foot, hand, arm, has its values ​​. Buta celebrity , without having much to do, decided to secure a party that she found most valuable in your bodyand that was supposed to be tools of his trade. Insurers should be grateful to this person, since after many others, also “wanting to appear” safe made ​​millionaires . See the top ten:

Gene Simmons, insurance of $ 1 million for language

Troy Polamalu, insurance of $ 1 million for Hair

Keith Richards, insurance of $ 1.6 million by the middle finger

Dolly Parton, $ secure $ 3.8 million for the breasts

Tom Jones, insurance $ 7 million for chest hair

America Ferrera, insurance by $ 10 million smile

Rod Stewart, insurance $ 15.5 million for the voice

David Beckham $ 70 million insurance legs

Jennifer Lopez, insurance $ 300 million for the ass

Mariah Carey, $ secure $ 1 billion by the legs

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