Seeing the street bitterly crying child, one can assume that someone has wronged and in a very bad way. Instagram-account “Terrible Parents” shows some strange situations that can actually cause children’s tears – the parents have banned baby pour hot coffee on a dog or play with bees, forced him to wear a jacket when it’s cold (or remove it when it’s hot), or even if they invited him to play with soap bubbles. Photo of crying children published in the account, under which the author of the picture put the hashtag “Terrible Parents“.

“Today, I am a terrible parent because the child had dropped a piece of corn in the sand, and I took me five seconds to wash it.

“Ask your child to stand next to you in line.”

“She wants to be a ballerina, but mad at me for taking her her to class – although she liked it.

“Happy family: we forced children to take part in a train race.”

“I’m crying because my mom does not let me lick her face.”

He learned that the car can take only one stone.

“I’m a terrible mother because my daughter was offered two options: either to go by train or buy a drink, and she now regrets her choice.”

“I am a terrible parent, because I would not let my daughter to carry the trash out of the bathroom all over the apartment.”

“I am a terrible parent, because she wanted peanut butter crackers oval rather than square.”

“We are terrible parents, because we wanted to make a nice family photo.”

“I am a terrible parent, because it took my son in a petting zoo.”

“I am a terrible parent: the house has dirty dishes.”

“I am a terrible parent, because I was not able to join two pieces of torn paper.”

“I did not let her re-decorate the Christmas tree in the office – maybe I’m a terrible parent?”

“I closed the door, because she tried to eat the gel washing capsule.”

“After the nail clippers.”

“I’m a terrible mother because I did not give her to strangle the cat.”

“Lunch – it’s always a mess, especially if your child – the king of drama.”

“She took the child to a bowling alley, but he had to play in socks, because the special shoes are too big.”