We have all heard the expression: “Laughter prolongs life,” but this woman thinks otherwise. 50-year-old Tess Christian intentionally did not smile the previous 40 years to keep the youth longer. Tess logic is simple, less smiles, the less facial wrinkles. This sounds like complete nonsense and fiction, but the youthful appearance of women proves the opposite.

19-year-old Tess Christian (right) with her girlfriend Jane Wintner in 1982

Tess says that she had moments in life when she was literally overjoyed when she got married and gave birth to a child, but nevertheless all these moments she had lived with a straight face.
23-year-old Tess (left) in 1985

Because of the unusual ideas, friends called her “Mona Lisa”.
23-year-old Tess in 1985

36-year-old Tess in 2001

The woman says that she has learned to control facial muscles to keep her youth longer. Tess finds a way more natural.
43-year-old Tess along with her 16-year-old daughter, Stevie.

So 50-year-old Tess Christian looks like this today

As you can see, the idea really works, and in 50 year old Tess is the happy owner of a smooth face, virtually wrinkle-free.