While for many adults the process of cooking at home has become a routine, the child is in the opposite situation. For them it is a game, from which they derive great pleasure.At the Academy of Business and Taste of Tupperware there is children’s culinary master class where children were taught to cook pizza and cake.

Trainings are held in contact with the children.

Probably it is necessary to say a few words about the company Tupperware : This is a world-renowned manufacturer of exclusive high-quality cookware for the home and kitchen. Dishes Tupperware is known worldwide for its quality, exceptional functionality and durability. The company provides a 30 year guarantee for their products.

Cooking class,was confined for two major holidays – February 23 (Dad’s Day) and March 8.

A small warm-up before the start of the …

… Naturally they started with washing

“Children, do you want to make pizza?”