Well-marked image, which at first glance tells something very important of a man and it remains for life. The method, even if they are unconscious, tells an ambulance crew to save precious minutes: “I have diabetes, insulin coma assume,” “just do not grind away penicillin allergy” or, alas, “I am terminally ill, do not revive me.” It seems that the tattoo was created easy to carry in the literal sense of the vital information.

Diabetes blue ring – the international symbol for diabetes


Implanted defibrillator

Type I, insulin-dependent


Do not resuscitate

Do not do an MRI. Non-standard ECG.

Allergy to penicillin

Allergy to hydrocortisone

“I was born with a small heart defect and my parents were told that eventually it will go away. Over time it manifested arrhythmia. In the end, when I was 18, my doctor had conducted a survey and found that my atrioventricular node does not work and my heart beat half less, than you need. I was given an electronic pacemaker December 23, 2003, when I was 18 years old. Two years later, as a gift for Christmas, my boyfriend paid for the tattoo – the symbol of pacemaker on the right wrist. ”


Haemophilia type A

Do not resuscitate