People such as Tao Porchon-Lynch, for life remain young in body and soul. A woman who has been practicing yoga for nearly 70 years, admits that she never gives her age. Thao with pleasure not only practices yoga,she also teaches yoga to students in India, France and the United States for 45 years. In addition, 87 women became involved in ballroom dancing, which she does in his spare time.

However, despite the apparent ease movement, Tao has already run into problems that await many people in her age. In 87 years she has fallen in the grocery store and broke her hip. The woman had to have surgery to replace the joint, after which most people are confined to bed for the rest of life. However, Tao, completely ignoring the advice of her physician, entered the ballroom studio in just a month after the surgery and started dancing on the same day.

As proof of her dexterity and physical stamina she sent her doctor a photo in which she is sitting in the lotus position. Her crossed legs off the ground, body weight woman holds in her arms. She added to the photo a little note: “I just wanted to show you that you can do nothing.”

Today, at the age of 92, Thao is involved in ballroom dancing competitions in New Jersey, New York and Puerto Rico, speaking with her partner of 23 years of dancing. In addition, she still provides 12 lessons of yoga a week.

Tao started his career as an actress in France, America and England. She wrote stsenaii for documentaries. Now the woman lives in New York, but continues to travel around the world to teach students the true spirit of yoga.