In Prague, announced a new superhero. According to local press, the man in blue tights, a red sweater, a raincoat and a helmet with a video camera, calls himself SuperVatslavom’s mission and the struggle against injustice, hypocrisy and indifference to what is happening around the Czechs.

SuperVatslav was first spotted on the streets of Prague in September. Who he really is – no one knows. Your real name newfound hero keeps a secret. But glad to share details of his intense activity in the blogs.

In September, the citizen is running through the streets of Prague and pours water from a bucket of all who dare to smoke in public transport stops. If someone does not know, in the Czech Republic is prohibited by law smoking at bus stops.

Not like a fighter for justice and breeders who leave their droppings in the grass, dogs – he chases after them, armed with a pre-waste products of their dogs.

SuperVatslav acknowledges that many might take offense at him for his methods.

“I hope everybody understands it as a joke, but the subtext is clear. I really do not understand why boys and girls are smoking at bus stops,” – he said, commenting on the situation when he lashed out with a bucket on the bus waiting for people to cigarettes.

The future promises to be more SuperVatslav delicately, that he did not have to run from those who stand in his way.

In this superhero noted that he plans to expand its activities. In particular, he is going to confront rudeness in state institutions, some of the capital’s residents habitually drink alcohol in children’s playgrounds and parks, illegal graffiti on buildings, petty theft, and corruption.