Vienna, as well as many advanced cities in Europe, is diverse. And this city is inspiring. Do not be confused by not very many pictures.
First, among the stickers are not many ads (and advertising, we try to show only in extreme cases). And secondly (and perhaps, in the main), while in Vienna, often simply dissolve in the town and forget about the camera and the target pass through the city. Just enjoy and enjoy …
By the way, in terms of names this position the richest of all, they were. There is Banksy , Space Invader, and Mark Jenkins. But other, less well-known artists.

One of the traces Banksy’s in town found on the third day in one of the alleys of the old city.

Bruce Lee? ..

By the way, noticed that in Europe, the marker is the same weapon art-culture, like balloons with stickers and cardboard boxes. Of course, I now not only about the tags. This can be seen in Berlin, and in Tarragona (which we will publish later).

A very clear pattern.


For the sake of Space Invaders had to dig deeper in the museum quarter. But it was worth it)) It should be noted that the design of the tile ordered in Invaders officially. And it pasted colored Kosmokorabl stuck at the entrance to the Museum of Modern Art. At the same entrance itself – it’s lift ..

Top view of box in the elevator …

… On the side.

And one of the boxes there.

The second side.

The ruthless struggle with painted little animals on the sticker.

And here is the trail of Mark Jenkins. Near the entrance to the store with any Labuda. Something like our “Republic” and “Stalls Lebedev.”

The embankment is processed in full)

But on this subject (more precisely, in such registration) any lot ponakleeno in all but the smallest cities in Europe.

If anyone has forgotten, a similar increase, we found a copy in Tallinn))

Fan stickers, oddly enough, in almost not detected.


The next “Arkady,” which soon .. dopiz tsya, as I understand it.