In this collection contains unique photos of snakes attacking their victims – it’s nature, natural selection. A strong attacking the weak to survive. In these pictures we consider in detail the absorption process of production, sometimes several times greater than the size of the snake itself.

This material is not intended to impressionable readers.

Recently, we watched as attacking their prey mantis, more in the compilation of ” Praying Mantis – born killer . ” Snakes are not greedy and less dangerous than the insects, because we are not Pictures of the less interesting. Python eats impala, having already swallowed part of her head. For the animal it was a quick death, a ring snake strangled Impala for a few seconds

Python attacked a goat rather large size, but also the python is not small, because the production of his forces. Snakes, suffocating their prey are not poisonous. Among them, anacondas, pythons, boas and more. As you know, these snakes can attack not only on small prey, but also to attack a large animal and even human.

Three-meter mountain python struggles to swallow a deer. Photo taken in Africa

And this picture was taken at the zoo – a carpet python length of 2 meters eats more chicken. Like all such snakes, it swallows the prey from the head

Diamond python, considered the largest snake in the world, eats possum. Scientists have proven that the victim died instantly python, and not from lack of air, and from heart failure at high compression

Again, a python eating a deer. A new hypothesis about how the death of scholars production is based on the force with which the snake squeezes the victim. Considered the most powerful green anaconda, creating their own ring pressure of 4 tons. Mouth of the python is able to capture prey and vtalkivat her throat, then pushed her muscles snakes down to the stomach

Piton obvilsya around Impalas, squeezing it with great force

Nature can be cruel but at the same time udivitelnoy.My not surprised when a frog swallows a fly, but when a snake eats the victim, her superior in size – this is really amazing

In conclusion, photos boa constrictor devouring a hamster. Boas prefer to ambush, attack their prey with lightning speed