Halloween is around the corner. Many have already prepared costumes, masks and make-up in order to meet the holiday on the dance floors of night clubs and parties. But earlier Halloween costumes were quite different. There was not a sexy nurse or cute vampires and pirates. We offer you a look at a selection of retro pictures of costumes. I must say, some of them are really appalling.

Poisonous mushrooms and dwarf – a great trio for Halloween.

Pair of cute eyes.

Pork chop … or beef …

Halloween at school.

Sexy spider.

What is that? Ferrets?

Costume mascot and logo of the manufacturer of tires Michelin.

Children in Asian masks.

Black-and-white version.

These girls look really scary.

Masks – one of the favorite accessories for Halloween.

It seems that the boy did not know that behind are his parents.

Big girl has the image of a child with a toy doll and teddy bear.

Halloween – a family holiday.

Indeed, some photos are too intimidating.

The couple, surrounded by creepy dolls. Or are they their children?


Death – one of the most popular Halloween characters.

Desperate guy and his not so enthusiastic about the holiday companion.

Creepy costumes.