“Fast from the Past”: The company in addition to every IKEA home furnishings – furniture, decoration and so on, publishes cookbooks, where you can find everything – from sushi recipes to bake. Last month came the next edition under the title “Hembakat är Bäst” (Homemade – the best). For each of the recipes in the book are two photos – a snapshot of the necessary ingredients and a picture of a ready meal. The first – like the photo disassembled furniture that needs to be put together at home. These are the photographs and are presented in this collection.

Ingredients for bagels with vanilla.

The book – 140 pages that presents 30 traditional Swedish recipes baking – from small to large pechenits cakes.

Filming for the new cookbook IKEA photographer Carl Kleiner spent (Carl Kleiner), a publication made ​​fudstilistom Bratell Evelyn (Evelina Bratell).

It is also working on a book copywriter Frederik Jansson (Fredrik Jansson), and creative director Stefan Lamm (Staffan Lamm) and Christopher Persson (Christoffer Persson) (Evelina Bratell).

The ingredients for the sugar buns.

Ingredients for the almond cake.

The ingredients for the cake, “Black Forest”.

Ingredients for pastry “chessboard”.

When photographing the necessary ingredients they wanted to create a true minimalist still life.

Simple and geometric images similar to the paintings of abstract art.

By his own admission book creators drew inspiration “from the high fashion and Japanese minimalism.”

Ingredients for gingerbread.

In a new book of recipes, of course, a minimum of text.

Ingredients for the cake, “Napoleon.”

Ingredients for biscuits with almonds.

Ingredients for the cake, “Mazarin”.

Ingredients for raspberry meringue.

Ingredients for buns with saffron.

This publication, created by creative agency “Forsman & Bodenfor”, yet went on sale.

In Swedish stores IDEA new edition is offered as a gift when purchasing food.

Ingredients for cinnamon rolls.

Ingredients for the “Finnish fingers.”

Ingredients for pastry “Dreams.”

Perhaps someone an idea of ​​this book may seem absurd, but someone was the inspiration for the new “culinary feats.”