PDSA veterinary clinic has announced the finalists of the annual diet contest. All animals are obese and need to lose weight. Animals with 20 percent or more overweight are considered obese, and 50% – is morbidly obese. Veterinary clinic show owners of large animals how to combat the disease through balanced diets and specific sets of exercises.

Eight-plump cat Fifi Bottomley vets put on a strict diet. Its current owners have found Fifi dying of hunger. She steals food from other cats and even from owners. Diets do not take effect, and the hostess, Monica was very puzzled until she learned that Fifi charmed a neighbor the old lady, who every day gave her milk, food and various goodies, the cat continued to steal food from the neighbors’ pets. Despite the extra weight, Fifi can be very brisk, if there is food nearby. Picture: PDSA

Merlin – Collie gained weight after the castration.It is hard for him to move, so he developed arthritis. The owner of Merlin, Victoria Rogers, wants to help him lose weight and begin to lead healthier lifestyle. Victoria says that he loves cookies, but will have everything that they would give him, even candy. He sits and whines while we eat, but I no longer fall for his tricks. Picture: PDSA

Bobby obese shorthair rabbit, gain weight for several years until the owner Becky Magson did not notice that his dewlap (the fold under the chin) prevents him from selfcleaning. Picture: PDSA

Seven year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Jack earlier this year changed the place of residence, and is now being treated in the veterinary clinic.Owner Rose Welch, who is in a wheelchair because of health problems, though, and promised myself that no longer have a dog, but could not look calmly at the huge spaniel. When Jack was brought to her home, he could barely walk, could not comfortably lie down and gasped.The next morning he was taken to the vet. Jack was sent to the program, so that more people became aware that they may think that your pet is surrounded by love, but in reality, all these goodies and plenty of food, they kill them slowly. Picture: PDSA

Goodies and plenty of food resulted in Bailey, Collie from Glasgow, in its current state. The owner Duncan Connor and his wife intend to make Bailey a healthy and slim dog.Last year, Bailey stepped on broken glass and cut the tendons on his hind legs, he had to stay home for 6 weeks. That’s when the owners spoiled him. Since then, he began to gain pounds, but when the vet has confirmed obesity, treats over. Picture: PDSA

Black and white cat Billy was sent to the competition against their masters fat Wilma and Ron Warren. Billy has always had a strong and morbid appetite, unlike his housemate Bobby. Eating all his food, Billy did not hesitate to eat more, and Bobbys portion. Billy’s favorite food – a white fish, but even if he had just eaten, he still asks supplements, but it is very difficult to refuse. Picture: PDSA

Rabbit Samantha will be on a six-month course of treatment, diet and fitness exercises in a veterinary clinic in Leeds. Samantha has saved its current owner, Amanda Hammond, and ever since, trying to help her lose weight, which is quite difficult. Amanda says that when she took Samantha home, she was too fluffy. Most likely, the previous owners kept the rabbit in a small cage, where one could do nothing but to eat. As a result, the rabbit is inactive. Amanda is struggling with this problem while playing with Samantha by buying her new toys, and even takes her on short walks in the garden. Picture: PDSA

A passion for grilled meat and huge portions resulted in Labrador Romeo from Tamworth, Staffordshire, for the competition to lose weight.Romeo scraps from the table and additional portions of food are now in the past. His owner, Lorette Hughes, said that he quietly took a decrease portions and is now eating only once a day. Picture: PDSA

The three-year old Deco is now undergoing treatment and fitness at the request of his owner John Greene. Deco has always been a greedy dog, always ate whatever they gave. Neighbors fed dog throwing food over the fence. Deco is incredibly greedy, he once ate all 36 muffins with raisins, which they roasted their grandchildren. Picture: PDSA

Springer Spaniel Skippy from Pontikluna that Ronte, Wales, six months will be on a diet and fitness. Weight problems in dogs began with the advent of a terrible appetite after castration.Owner Marilyn Smith wants to help him throw off the weight and regain mobility. “He is a member of the family and we want only the best for him. He gained weight for a long time, but now he has to lose weight, “says Marilyn. Skippy now weighs almost 32 pounds, at the time, how should weigh 22. The hosts had stopped giving him his favorite treats, and when he begins to ask, trying to ignore. Picture: PDSA

Shiba Inu named Dexter from Cheshire also is on a diet. Dexter gained weight, because it is castrated. But the hostess Debbie Machin does not know how to stop weight gain. “I would like to know why he did not lose weight. I do not know how to help him. We have to give him less food, but it does not help. Dexter never steals food “said the hostess. Picture: PDSA

Ottis of Edinburgh – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel,eats everything that comes in the way.Owner Helen Melrose said: “Ottis – doggie with the nature and likes to do everything the way he wants. ” Picture: PDSA

Thick Rottweiler Molly was brought into the house as a little puppy, but the years of love and treats in the end forced Wayne Carroll Holstony, to put their darling to the diet. Weight problems began when the couple began to feed Molly with remnants of his meal, but guests also can not deny the pleasure to share a couple of pieces from their plate.