What do you think, why this woman eats stones? Processes occurring in the human brain, particularly in mental disorders still remain mystery for scientists – American woman, a mother of two children on a regular basis … absorbs rocks and gravel.

45-year-old American, a teacher at the kindergarten for children with special needs does not conceal her shocking love for the absorption of stones -she does not even wash them before eating, and sucking the dirt, rolling pebbles in her mouth like candy.”I like stones with a taste of the earth” – says it is her “gourmet” secret. In fact,Teresa Videner has severe conduct disorder, that is, the desire for eating it rocks. Teresa has been doing this for over 20 years – she claims, she allegedly suffered from anemia, the hemoglobin level in her body was low, and the gravel and rocks are rich in ironn. Videner Teresa was a guest of a talk show, where in front of television cameras she gladly ate a few small stones in front of the TV viewers.