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New York is the cultural centre of America: pay attention and you will see some amazing things and encounter people involved in the production of music, books and films which are destined for fame. The city is particular good for music lovers, and is worth travelling to for its concerts alone.

New York is one of the biggest cities in the world, and for that reason it is on the hit list of every major band – after all, you haven’t really made it unless you’ve performed in the Big Apple. If you travel here you’ll be quite likely to coincide with some of your favourite musicians, so it is well worth checking out local listings to see what’s on – you might strike gold and get to see one of your true favourites in person.

Beyond the headliners, New York has much more music to offer. Many artists come here to get noticed; this has spawned a thriving music scene with great open mic nights, local concerts and buskers. Once again local listings are your best guide, though it’s worth looking for bars which host regular nights as they can give you a good taste of what’s out there.

Flights to New York open up a whole array of sights, restaurants and other attractions, but be sure to seek out some live shows. This city is one of the world’s premier cities for music, and whatever you are in to, you can be sure to find the perfect tunes in New York City.