Despite the fact that Barbie is almost 60 years old, the first time she had menstruation was recent. Nicholas Lamm known for the creation of Barbie with the figure of a real woman , decided to take up the delicate subject of puberty and created the Barbie doll in the style, which he called Lammily doll Period Party.

New doll Nicholas Lamm has developed with his mother Helen

The set Lammily doll Period Party includes booklet with all the explanations, 18 colored stickers in the form of sanitary napkins, underwear, menstruation calendar and a spare pair of underpants .. (since this is real life, in which anything can happen)

“This is a huge part of women’s lives, which is very healthy natural process but is still surrounded by taboos,” – Nikolai wrote on his website

It was thought that there is nothing more fun than to change the doll dress. As it turns out, is much more interesting to change her pad ..

Although the most likely “Barbie with pads” during a game will look something like this

For parents who want their daughters to explain what the monthly means of dolls, Lammily will cost $ 10.