This collection – for those who want to find the original application for unoriginal things. You do not have a fire extinguisher, get a replacement! Broken headlight? There is a solution! Broken clock? Not a problem! In general, there is plenty to look at.

A great eco-friendly fire extinguisher!

Now you’ll never be late for work!

And why not?

You have to call, but no phone? There is a solution!

Broke the lamp, and at night you need to go?

Smashed car window? Do not worry!

Judging by this picture, it does not matter, even when you do not have a car door.

Teacher has found a new pointer.

Who is the magician who fixed the time?


Ooooh, a great machine!

Awesome new bumper!

That the pipe does not come off.

Master BBQ which was very necessary to fry the meat.

The smartest passenger of all time.

Anyone who so perfectly covered his tracks, is just a genius!

Here you have a home-made box of medications that you are taking on different days of the week.

It looks like the worker did not have time to even unpack a new chair.

Very smart neighbors chipped in tape and connected the street.

The inscription on a piece of paper: “To ring the doorbell, connect the wires.”

This store was never robbed.

Simply hang the sign “elektric fence” on a regular fence. Who would dare to test it?

If you can not afford a Ferrari …

A deer had poor eyesight. The artist decided to help him …

The side mirror …

Anyone who “fixed” this snow-covered sign – a genius.

This driver figured out how to fix stopsignal.