In most cultures around the world people bury their dead under the ground, indicating the place of burial monument. However, representatives of some ethnic groups in China, Indonesia and the Philippines have hanging coffins of their ancestors high above the ground right on the cliffs.

One of the places famous for its hanging coffins – the municipality of Sagada in Philippines. Here, even today are practicing the ancient tradition of hanging coffins on cliffs.

Hanging coffins in Echo Valley, Sagada, “reserved”, mainly for Igorot elders with their families, because it is believed that the young generation will be able to receive spiritual enlightenment after a successful “burial.”

Relatives of the deceased sometimes even carry the corpse in his coffin on the wall on the cliff to soak up the fluids of the body, which allegedly kept talent and luck of the deceased.

Presumably, the corpse in a coffin is dressed in family colors and patterns for ancestors to recognize them. By tradition, the body lay in a coffin is in a fetal position, and the coffin was cut from a tree trunk.

Hanging coffins , as well as an echo, appearing in the aptly named Echo Valley definitely create a mysterious and slightly creepy atmosphere.