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Melbourne is full of great tourist destinations that you should make a point of visiting during your stay. One such example is the 19th Century Portable Iron Houses of Melbourne City. They are among the few remaining prefabricated iron buildings left in the world. Those who are interested in architecture and industrial archaeology will truly appreciate these buildings. An audiovisual tour gives you a thorough account of the history of the early settlement of Australia.

Dining in the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant is a great way to spend an evening. The converted 1927 tram has a glossy, burgundy interior and the experience of eating on wheels is like none other. As the tram glides through the scenic streets of Melbourne city, fine cuisine and the greatest Australian wines will be at your disposal.
Captain Cook’s Cottage is a cottage rebuilt in the Fitzroy Gardens to commemorate the travels of Captain James Cook. If your bed and breakfast is in Melbourne then don’t miss out on the opportunity to discover what life was like in the 1700’s.
Find out how gold shaped the city of Melbourne on the Golden Mile Heritage Trail. The majestic architecture will take your breath away and you’ll see the city in whole new way.

Federation Square is the meeting place for all those who visit and dwell in Melbourne. So if you’re visiting the city check out the multitude of cafes, bars and restaurants and experience the diversity of cultures that this square brings together. The stunning view of Melbourne’s riverside and cityscape will only enhance this experience.
Museum Victoria is an establishment that operates three major museums in Melbourne. These are the Melbourne Museum, the Immigration Museum and Scienceworks. They are well stocked with priceless artefacts and historical back stories to match. These museums are a great way to discover the history of Victoria.
The Arts Centre in Melbourne is the heart of the performing arts in Victoria; it also serves as the city’s cultural precinct. An exceptional array of arts and entertainment are available all year round. There are four separate theatres that host these spectacular shows. Alongside this, if you don’t see a show you can tour the complex and get the feel of the theatres and experience the backstage atmosphere.
The Royal Botanic Gardens is a great place to visit if you’re staying in a bed and breakfast in Melbourne. The wonderful scenic gardens and parklands make Melbourne one of the greenest cities in the world. There is an abundance of native wildlife and the presence of over 12,000 species of plants provides a natural habitat for them.
Built between 1891 and 1893, The Block Arcade plays a large part in the history of the city of Melbourne. Formerly the centre of shopping, it now stands as an icon of the Victorian Mannerist architecture in Melbourne. With mosaic tiled flooring, glass canopy, and wrought iron and carved stone finishing’s, this is a piece of Melbourne that must be explored.
The mansion of Labassa is an extraordinary 19th century building with amazing architecture. Featuring Corinthian columns, arcaded verandahs, classical decorations and inset Italian marble panels on the exterior this is an opulent building worth taking the time to explore.