Those who think that the modern game consoles are expensive are very wrong. For example, the popular PlayStation 4 costs about $ 400. This, to put it mildly, is nothing compared with toy soldiers at the cost of $ 200,000 and the dollhouse, which is worth $ 8.5 million. These are 15 of the most expensive in the world of toys.

Toy sewing machine, Price: $ 13,600
Although this little sewing machine was not made of precious metals, like many other toys on this list, it was sold in April 1996 at an auction in London for $ 13,600.

Gold Nintendo Gameboy, Price: $ 25,000
British jeweler Asprey in 2006 created a limited edition of the Nintendo Gameboy, the most popular of modern portable toy. Gameboy in 18-carat gold and diamonds you can buy for “only” 25 000 dollars.

Toy pink Volkswagen Beach Bomb, Price: $ 72,000
The issue of this specific car with a surfboard in a series of Hot Wheels was discontinued almost as soon as it went into the series. This made the toy particularly coveted by collectors. So far, only two found pink copy of the model, and the owner of one of them paid $ 72,000 for his toy.

Platinum Dummy, Price: $ 85,000
Jeweler Case Matt created this pacifier worth $ 85,000 by order of Russell & Case in February 2013. 250-gram nipple was made of pure platinum to participate in the show “Britain’s children.”

Porsche 917 Le Mans Raceway, Price: $ 125,000
Fans of racing cars certainly would sell his soul for a full-size model of the Porsche 917 cars.Inside this toy is a copy of the famous Le Mans race track in 1: 32.

Diamond car Hot Wheels, Price: $ 140,000
On its 40th anniversary in 2008, Mattel’s Hot Wheels has created a special diamond-encrusted car worth $ 140 000. One of the most expensive toy cars in the world was made of 18-carat white gold and covered with over 2,700 precious stones.

The card with the Pokémon Pikachu Illustrator, Price: $ 150,000
Collectible card game “Pokemon” was first released by Wizards of the Coast of North America in January 1999. Map Pikachu, which was part of a complete set, is considered one of the rarest cards ever created by Illustrator. Just six such cards was released .

Toy Soldier, Price: $ 200,000
Prototype soldier GI Joe, handmade by Don Levin, in 1963, became the most expensive in the world of toy soldiers 40 years later, when it was sold at auction for a staggering $ 200 000.

Costume robot Kuratas price: $ 1 million
Created by Japanese company Suidobashi Heavy Industry giant robot suit known as Kuratas, allows anyone to feel like a transformer. 3.8-meter-long suit that weighs 5 tons, worth $ 1 million.

Gold monopoly, price: $ 2 million
The most expensive in the world version of the board game “Monopoly” is worth about $ 2 million. It is made of 18-carat gold and encrusted with precious stones. To make this masterpiece, the jeweler Sidney Mobell from San Francisco needed a whole year.

Bear Steiff Louis Vuitton, price: $ 2.1 million
Teddy Bear, created by design Steiff plush toys and a French fashion house Louis Vuitton, can boast the title of the most expensive teddy bear in the world. Toy was purchased Koreans Jessie Kim at auction in Monaco in 2000 for $ 2.1 million.

Model car Lamborghini Aventador – $ 4,6 mln
One of the most luxurious and desirable sports car Lamborghini Aventador costs about $ 400 000. No matter how incredible it may sound, a German engineer, Robert Gulpen created a model called the Aventador LP Lamborghini 700-4, which cost $ 4.6 million. Yes, a miniature version of a car is 11 times more expensive, the real machine, because it is made of platinum, carbon fiber, gold and diamonds.

Alnwick tree house, Price: $ 6 million
Every child likes to climb trees. Rich parents can treat their child acquiring his tree with a house made by Treehouse Co. For the Duke and Duchess of Scotland ,​​this fabulous house is 560 sq m.

Puppet Castle Astolat, price: $ 8.5 million
The most expensive doll castle in the world was created for more than 13 years by carpenters, goldsmiths, silversmiths and glass blowers. This 29-room dollhouse is worth more than most real mansions.