The most usual gift for most men are socks. However, a new product of the German company FALKE – socks for $ 1,200 – can be really special gift.

Leader of German Stocking industry – the company FALKE – recently introduced autumn-winter collection, the main highlight were golden brown socks which cost $ 1,200. This garment is a limited-edition – only 10 pairs. Socks are made of very rare and expensive wool in the world – vicuna. Vicuna, mammalian camelid, considered a distant relative of llamas and alpacas. These unique creatures live in the Andes at an altitude of 3500 to 5500 meters and are protected by a special program, so to get their wool is incredibly difficult. Ancient Incas herded animals, and then shaved their hair. Clothing made ​​from expensive furs, designed exclusively for the noble dignitaries. These mammals have failed to domesticate and that is the reason why people are forced to follow the tactics of the ancient Incas – to catch the animal and cut fleece. However, one animal gives only 400 grams, which is reflected in the cost of fur.Socks made ​​of valuable material is available in only one golden-brown color that resembles the color of the animal. The fact is that in the process of painting wool can be completely destroyed, so manufacturers avoid this procedure. Luxury socks is delivered to the buyer in no less luxurious package – exclusive wooden boxes.