Lewis Lavoie, an artist who creates pictures of the paintings. The most unique aspect of this creative process is that the artists are all given a blank panel and the liberty to paint whatever they want, within the theme of the project. However, the final image assembled by Lewis Lavoie is always kept a secret until the unveiling.

Lewis Lavoie has created his first fresco mosaic in 1997. The artist has made hundreds of individual paintings, which are then folded, and we’ve got a portrait of Michelangelo. This work attracted the attention of the international community. This work marked the relevance of the mosaic mural.

Each painting, which is a mosaic has its own unique and inimitable style. Pictures for the mosaic make a lot of artists, but none of them knows what should happen in the end. Lewis Lavoie saves the image in secrecy until the public disclosure.