Finally after so many announcements, company Microsoft held a conference at which it announced a new “secret” device. As assumed, the tablet market reached another line called Surface.

At a conference in Los Angeles presented two models of the new pill that will appear at the same time as the Windows 8 operating system.

What distinguished Surface are 10.6-inch monitor packed in a magnesium enclosure specifically called VaporMg and cover / keypad to be connected with the magnet and the “fat” is just three millimeters.

There is a keyboard than five millimeters, and it also has “trekped”.

Surface comes in two different versions. The first comes with the operating system Windows RT intended for tablets, will run on ARM processor and will appear in the fall. Although not a full version of Windows version will have the Office which will be available free of charge. According to the announcement, the second tablet Surface pro will be released 90 days later and he will have the full version of Windows 8. It will be a little thicker than the traditional Surface primarily because of the battery, larger storage space, and possible additional ports.

Microsoft has not released all the characteristics of these devices, but what distinguishes it from competitors is the size of the screen and Full HD resolution available. Of course, there is mention “Intel” processor, while the “regular” version is likely to be built “Tegra 3” processor. Tablet will have 3G support. “Microsoft” promised that the price Surface be similar to the price Ipad which, depending on the model, costs $ 490 to $ 829.