Unusual way to propose to his girlfriend.Make a marriage proposal – not the easiest thing. The way to do it should not be trivial because wife will remember it forever. And certainly the inhabitant of the city of Changchun (China), Zhu Wenjing day when her lover asked her to marry him will remain in her memory for many years.

Now, girls, imagine a situation – you go into a bar, and you are immediately surrounded by Predator, Bumblebee, Darth Vader, the Red Guard, and Marine, Medic and High Templar from StarCraft. And suddenly Predator gives you flowers, kneels down and takes off his mask. To your surprise it turns out that your beloved one, decided with his friends to surprise you. The hero of the news, Zhao Ming, has served its purpose – not only did a pretty original proposal, but received consent.

However, this is not first such news – last year resident of Hebei proposed to his sweetheart, erecting a huge model of Optimus Prime.