December of the year to complement the auction photos with the first photo shoot sex symbol of the past century, Marilyn Monroe, then Norma Jean, the name given her at birth. Here you will find the story of the most expensive items, which touched a legendary actress, and gone under the hammer at the same time.

Pushed out of the lives of almost half a century ago, Marilyn Monroe is still a subject of admiration for all. Unknown actress Norma Jean Dougherty, surname from her first husband James Dougherty, only to become the sex symbol of the twentieth century, Marilyn Monroe. In December 2011, at Beverly Hills auction will be on display recently discovered photographs from the first photo shoot 19-year-old Norma Jean, made by Joseph Dzhasgurom in 1946, then worked for a modeling agency Blue Book. “This is probably the most important photos of Marilyn, as they were made early in her career,” – said the director of the auction Julien’s. It is expected that the price could range from 2 to 4 thousand dollars per lot, because there is a huge number of people wishing to write bunting bill rarity associated with Marilyn Monroe. (Joseph Jasgur / AP Photos)

One of the most iconic images is that in which Monroe’s dress in the inflationary costs on the grid underground. Therefore, bidders willing to pay for the legendary dress with pleated skirt a few million bucks, do not cause any surprise. Over $ 5.6 million sold dress Marilyn found herself in debt actress Debbie Reynolds, and this is just one of the things her own collection, maintenance procedures which, incidentally, also requires considerable resources. Since the hammer from her collection have gone head-dress, Elizabeth Taylor, actress in it playing Cleopatra, and red slippers Judy Garland, in which she starred in “The Wizard of Oz.” (George S. Zimbel / Getty Images)

This is one of the most exciting moments in the life of Marilyn Monroe, where she sings the song «Happy Birthday» U.S. President John F. Kennedy on his 45th birthday in 1962. Tight flesh-colored dress, encrusted with precious stones, and rumored to be embroidered directly on it, put Monroe for the serenade. The widow of Lee Strasberg, Marilyn’s former mentor, who bequeathed Marilyn bulk of his fortune, in 1999, put up a dress for auction. The company «Gotta Have It!» Of Manhattan bought a dress for this exclusive 1.2675 million dollars. Robert Sharga, president, said then that he was willing to pay for it, and twice as much. (Getty Images (left); Bebeto Matthews / AP Photos)

Two years after the first meeting of January 14, 1954 Marilyn Monroe and the famous baseball player Joe Di Maggio was secretly married in San Francisco. Presented with her after the wedding, platinum bracelet, diamond-sprinkled 35, was sold in 1999 with the Christie’s auction for 772,500 dollars.

In search of a white grand piano that belonged to the mother Gladys Monroe,who was suffering from schizophrenia, which was taken to the hospital, it took years, as most of the rest after her mother’s things were sold. “My best days in my childhood took place in this piano – as something said actress – even when I did not have enough money for food, I always put off by it, to be able to save the instrument.” But then sold it as well. In 1999 at Christie’s auction Mariah Carey bought this piano for 662 500 dollars. “I had to fight for him – told the magazine Cary« Playboy »in 2007. – I know what it cost me dearly, but this purchase was important to me. ” Mariah called her daughter as well as an actress – Monroe.

The dress of pink satin, in which Monroe sang the song “Best Friends Girl – it’s diamonds” for the movie “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.” At first it was estimated it is not too high, as her dress for greeting song the president. At an auction in 2010, he paid 319,000 dollars and this amount to 149 000 exceeded expectations.

In the photo of Monroe beautician with five drawers, filled with makeup – partly still in original boxes. It was shown at the Christies auction in 1999 and was sold for 266,500 dollars. In the purse, among other things, lipstick, eyeliner and nail polish were paper fan and a small collection of matches from famous restaurants such as Sardi’s

In 1999, Christie’s auction for a driver’s license collector unknown Monroe was paid as much as 145,000 dollars. They were received by Monroe in 1956 in California right time, just months before she married Arthur Miller. (Ernst Haas / Getty Images (inset):

After the song “Happy Birthday, Mr. President,” Monroe to John F. Kennedy gave a Rolex watch with the inscription “Jack, with love, as always, Marilyn, 29th May 1962.” According to rumors, Kennedy told his aide Kenneth O’Donnell to get rid of the scandalous gift, but the clock, appearing at auction in 2005, went under the hammer for 120 thousand dollars. The debate about where they are now, do not cease to this day. Unveil the secrets of the founder of the auction house in Greenwich Bill Panagopulos: “This is the most controversial thing I’ve ever had to evaluate. Historical things, especially figured in the scandal, represent the biggest challenge for auctioneers when it is necessary to estimate the initial cost of the lot. ”

In 1999, the terracotta very short robe, which is considered the last piece of clothing that was in Monroe on the day of her death in 1962, went under the hammer at auction «Christie’s» New York for just 6000 dollars. And after ten years, in 2009, in Las Vegas, it was estimated at 120 thousand dollars.

Exclusive set of three X-rays of the chest of Monroe has been sold under the hammer for 45,000 dollars at auction in Las Vegas in 2010. These pictures were taken at the hospital, “Cedars of Lebanon” in Florida, which has visited Monroe in 1954, during the proceedings in the divorce case with Joe Di Maggio. According to rumors at the time Monroe was pregnant, but later she had a miscarriage.

In June 1956, Marilyn Monroe married Arthur Miller, but it was only their first wedding. A few days later the actress adopted the Jewish faith, and they played the second, a Jewish wedding. Then, in the present Monroe was a musical menorah that played the melody of the national anthem of Israel. In 1999 at auction «Christie’s» menorah went for 19,540 dollars. Unfortunately, the relationship with Miller was not the same harmonious, like the melody, and in 1961 the marriage fell apart.