Magnetic Termite (Amitermes meridionalis). Litchfield National Park, NT, Australia. If you go to the park it is not on the main road , and on the dirt road , then minutes later,you can see the whole “of thermite”, which from a distance look like a strange cemetery.

Termite mounds are clearly in the aforesaid “strip” where there are no trees and shrubs. The band goes from south to north, and almost all termites, “ribs” too focused on the north / south. Funny, that “the strip” comes out of nowhere and clearly rests in the old uranium mine.

In the wet season the land around the termite mounds is completely flooded and as soon as the rain stoppes – the water dries up and eventually get a call “hard dried mud,” which immediately raises a cloud of dust on every car passed.

The very “band.” Going there is very hot and dusty, breathe heavy, pulling the edge of collapse to the band, where at least there is some shade and even a little bit of moisture retained in wet periods.

Fallen mound again restored.