This shelter can be the most comfortable and luxurious way to survive the apocalypse predicted by the Mayans. Mr. Hubbard has been manufacturing high-quality and high-tech underground shelters.With the approach of the date of the alleged end of the world income of his business just took off.

The corridor leading to the living room.

These luxurious refuge is made to withstand explosions, effects of nuclear and chemical weapons, provided with beds, kitchens, toilets and even fireplaces. Ron calls “air raid shelters for rest” and sells for an average price of 75,000 dollars.

“I’ll go down to one of the shelters on December 21, just because I have it, – says Ron. – I sold it to astrophysicists, who believe that there is a possibility of strong solar flares and huge amounts of radiation. I will take refuge in three days, just in case. If you have a safe haven, it’s better to go there too. I do not think the world will end, but you never know for sure. ”

Ron cylindrical shelter is 3 meters in diameter and 15 m in length. They have an emergency tunnels with hatches that can be opened only from the inside.

“I started making them, because I wanted to make a shelter, but did not want to pay for that 1-2 million dollars. Many buy shelter for the worst case scenario. How, for example, people buy insurance from fire. ”

“We started with the sale of one shelter per month and reached sales of one in the day. Many are afraid of the economic crisis, others just want to be safe in case of disaster. ” In shelters computer system allows us to observe what is happening on the surface.

“People like these shelters. This is also a great place to stay, for example, in nature”

Girl with a water pump in the shelter.

15-foot shelter is lowered to the ground

Bomb shelter on the roadside in Montebello, California.