West Des Du Toit, a former security guard from South Africa, has become a real Tarzan – he wants to play in the movie about the hero of the jungle. 24-year-old unemployed builder was literally obsessed with the legend of Tarzan, while living in Namibia, where he spent his childhood. The boy’s father collected the stories of Tarzan and comic books, which tell of his adventures. Currently, West Des Du Toit expects that he will attract the interest of Hollywood – and he will be invited to play the role of his idol.

West Des Du Toit said: “I am very much like Tarzan. My best friend – an elephant, whose name is Shaka, I spend a lot of time with monkeys, zebras and crocodiles – far more than with people.”

“People can say that I am crazy, but I know I was born to do exactly what I’m doing now.”

The son of a farmer who lives with his parents, 53-year-old Ludolf and Ida, as well as the twin brother of Rudolph in Georgia, South Africa, now spends the night alone in the woods, without the benefits of civilization. He said: “I have created a platform in a tree, a special tent where I can hide from hungry leopards or snakes. I do not feel lonely – although sometimes I badly want to quickly find my own Jane, who would share with me my forest sanctuary. ”

West De Du Toit says that the girls pamper him with their attention – mostly, they are attracted by his beautiful body. However, he is still looking for that unique lady’s heart, which he will introduce to his animals. The young man explains: “I’m not one who likes to party, I had never even been drunk in my life. There I love fruits and berries, which I find in the woods. I even know some of the insects suitable for food. ”

In 2006, West De Du Toit and his twin brother went to Britain, where a young man worked for a year as a guard, and later – the driver of a delivery service. Now the young man is seriously set out to become a star of the new Hollywood film about the adventures of Tarzan. He said: “I began training in 2007 and since then I had a great progress. Recently I talked with some interesting guys from the States, who suggested that I come to the convent, dedicated to Tarzan. People here are skeptical of me and do not understand my lifestyle. ”

The young man had already managed to play in amateur film about the adventures of Tarzan.

West Des Du Toit took part in the contest of bodybuilders.