This collection of tips will show you why you should have nail polish handy when the mosquitoes are biting, how to use jelly crystals can make a great lip tint and that vodka can extend the life of cut flowers. For the record, vodka is also delicious in its own right and is the perfect addition to cranberry juice. See? USEFUL.

Use a can opener to open sealed plastic packaging..

Add saline solution to refresh dried-out mascara..

Use a toilet seat cover to blot the oil from a greasy face.

Use pretty wine corks to make planters for tiny succulents.

Amplify the volume of your iPhone or iPod by placing it in a bowl.

Use a banana to fix a DVD.

Use Jello as a lipstain. Pour the powder mix into a bowl and moisten a Q-Tip with water. Then, being very careful not to use your fingers since the red stains stay put, dip the Q-Tip into the powder and apply it directly to your lips.

Use diluted fabric softener as a leave-in hair conditioner.

Use a lint roller to clean out the debris in your handbag.

Eat marshmallows to soothe a sore throat.(You can also use marshmallows to separate your toes during a home pedicure.

Use newspaper as an odor absorber.

Use aspirin to turn hair made green by chlorine back to its natural color. Dissolve six to eight aspirin pills in a glass of warm water, coat hair with the solution, let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse.

Use a spoon to open a sealed-tight jar.

Use a rubber band for perfect French tips.

Hang a picture using a pop tab.

Use VapoRub to train your pets. Apply VapoRub on things you don’t want chewed up or peed on by your cat or dog — they’re turned off by the taste and smell. It also supposedly cures toenail fungus.

Use mayonnaise to erase water stains from wooden furniture.

Use a cereal container as a trash disposal in your car.

Add a few drops of vodka and a teaspoon of sugar to make cut flowers last longer.

Use Alka-Seltzer to clean your toilet. Drop a couple tablets in, wait 20 minutes. The citric acid will dissolve the grime.

Use hand sanitizer to dissolve ink stains.

Pack your shoes in a shower cap to keep the soles from touching your clothes.

Use raw spaghetti strands to light hard-to-reach candle wicks.

Use Scotch tape or nail polish to relieve an insect bite.

Rub the cut edge of cheese with some butter to keep it from getting moldy.

Use a blow-dryer on a mirror to clear the steam after a hot shower.